Name Title Office Phone Profile
Ernie Thompson Senior Pastor/Head of Staff Read bio >
Rev. Butch Sherrill Associate Pastor for Lake Brandt and Outreach Read bio >
Rev. Sam Perkins Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families Read bio >
Betsy Hyslop Director of Music Ministries Read bio >
Jonathan Emmons Director of Traditional Music and Organist Read bio >
Clint Whitlow Associate Director of Music Ministries Read bio >
Lynn Turnage Director of Children and Family Ministries Read bio >
Leslie Hennigan Assistant Director of Children's Ministries Read bio >
Lucy Jefferies Director of Youth Ministry Read bio >
Ann Comfort Director of Local Outreach Read bio >
Lisa Carwile Director of Congregational Connections Read bio >
Marilyn Fish Executive Director of Church Operations Read bio >
Claire Utley Director of Communications Read bio >
Jenny Bradley Finance Manager Read bio >
Judy Phelps Administrative Support to Senior Pastor Read bio >
Aimee Bostic Administrative Assistant Read bio >
Emily Black Administrative Support to Associate Ministers Read bio >
Lionel McCray Custodian Read bio >
Brad Pollard Facilities Manager Read bio >