Jun 19, 2014

By Philip Pfuelb

Thursday, the final day of work. It came as gracefully as all the other days had; with a beautiful sunrise melting upon the tops of the mountains which surrounded us. Upon our final day in Honduras we worked slightly less than the days that came before this one. The reason for this was because after working we were to have a grand fiesta with all the families we had worked with that week.

So the time for the fiesta came and what proceeded is likely much like...

Jun 18, 2014

By Philip Pfuelb

Wednesday was the first sunny day of our trip. Unlike the previous days, magnificent rays of sunlight pierced through milky white clouds and for the first time of the trip I found myself comfortably dry. I stood there appreciating the lovely weather while I mixed concrete at my assigned job site for the day.

On this day I was helping make a floor with one of our church members, Gabe. Thus far in the day the work was rather usual, I would shovel sand on the...

Jun 17, 2014

By Philip Pfuelb,

I awakened Tuesday morning from a deep sleep after our first day of work. Much like the first day, we ate breakfast, rode to the job site, and then split off into other small groups. I found myself working alongside one of the young Honduran men that I was working with the day before. Being able to speak Spanish I was able to chat and joke around with this young man, named Rene. While taking a water break, I noticed that my new friend Rene was playing with a...

Jun 16, 2014

By Philip Pfuelb

Today was the first day of work on our missions trip. I woke up just after the brink of dawn and was treated to a surprisingly delicious and hearty breakfast. After breakfast we left El Rancho Paraiso and headed to the job site. Upon arrival we split into several smaller groups where I was paired with my stepfather, Jimmy. We immediately began working, along with several other Hondurans, on a latrine just down the road from where the van dropped us off. It then...

Jun 15, 2014

By Caileigh Davis

Heading into the village with no expectations was probably one of my best decisions of the day. Upon arrival I could already see the kids lining up at the door full of excitement. After entering the classroom I could already tell how eager they were to see what all we had planned for them. They too, had no expectations.

Before lunch break everything seemed slow. Maybe it was my lack of morning coffee or the typical warming up to each other time that always...

Jun 14, 2014

It was an ordeal, but the team serving in Honduras finally arrived at the HOI ranch Sunday night and is starting work today. The team of 16 ran into problems at the Greensboro airport when their flight to Miami was delayed, causing them to miss their connection. Because there are so few flights to Honduras, half the team had to spend the night in Miami and fly on Sunday. The other half was rerouted through Costa Rica and arrived Saturday evening. They were reunited on Sunday and made the...

Jun 21, 2013

By Elizabeth Reeve and Grace Anderson

PinataToday was a great day in Honduras! In the morning the team split up into two groups. One group went to the school in Santa Rita to paint, while the other group did Vacation Bible School in the village. At Vacation Bible School, the kids made and decorated crowns as part of the ‘God is King’ lesson....

Jun 20, 2013

By  Brian Reeve

Hola – greetings from Rancho el Paraiso en Honduras!
Brian and Elizabeth Reeve with Dulce, whom they sponsorWednesday morning, we visited the local school – Instituto Esperanza (Hope) – which is funded by HOI (Honduras Outreach Inc.).  The school...

Jun 20, 2013

By JoAnna Bright and Lisa Ganem

Buenos Noches!
The day is over and as the nighttime sounds of Rancho de Pariso fill the air, we reflect on the many memories made since we began at 6 a.m.
This morning, after visiting the HOI Middle School nearby, we returned to the village of Santa Rita where we have been working and leading Bible school for 70 children.
Accompanied by Pastor Wilber, Lisa and I, along with our translator, Ali, had the privilege of visiting...

Jun 19, 2013

By Jeffrey Knotts

Mudding a latrineHola from Honduras! Today we felt extremely useful and accomplished quite a bit including latrines, mudding houses – much like making mud patties when we were children but it is the actual wall of the house with tree limb bracing – mixing and toting buckets of concrete so the houses...