Haiti Mission Trip

Archives: October 2016

Oct 10, 2016

By Caron Amend

During our last two days in Haiti, we have been able to see different parts of the Haitian countryside and drop off supplies in areas of Haiti that were affected by Hurricane Matthew. The Family Health Ministries guesthouse in Leogane experienced flooding and was in need of insect repellent, mops, and cleaning supplies. We also left dresses, toilet paper, and other supplies at the orphanage and guest house in Fondwa. It was emotional to see the devastation, such as...

Oct 06, 2016

By Butch Sherrill

It’s Thursday night in Haiti, and it is now hot and humid, which is pretty typical weather here. But since our arrival in Port au Prince this past Saturday we have enjoyed constant drizzle and a breeze most of the time. Of course, that was due to Hurricane Matthew, which many of you were concerned about. 

Thank you for holding us in prayer, but I assure you we were never in danger, while other parts further west in Haiti experienced much flooding and wind...

Oct 05, 2016
By Spence Miller
Our team, Port Au Prince, and the patients we saw, weathered Hurricane Matthew well. There was a heavy rain early yesterday afternoon and cool breezes. They were a true gift to us "blancs" but the Haitians were actually chilly in the 70’s! The hurricane has left us and we are praying for our neighbors to the north, including the States.
We saw 147 patients who were waiting when we arrived at 7 a.m. The needs were across the...
Oct 04, 2016

By Kati Carter

Our team awoke this morning to continued rainfall and winds.  After communication with the clinic staff and discussion amongst our group, we decided to continue as planned with spending our day providing care to the Haitian people at the medical clinic.  Upon arrival at the clinic, 52 beautiful smiling Haitian faces awaited our care.  We treated the patients by providing medical exams, fitting eye glasses, and filling medication prescriptions.  Though the weather may...

Oct 03, 2016

By Susan Van Dorn

Our greetings and reassurance to you all from Haiti!

We know many of you are anxious for our safety and we genuinely appreciate your thoughts and prayers. We also want to assure you that Family Health Ministries has secured safe, sturdy, modern housing  situated on high ground for us and we are filled with confidence that our situation is as positive as possible.  Up to this point we have only experienced a bit of rain and a steady breeze and continue to plan...

Oct 02, 2016

By Meredith Barkley

   All thoughts this morning were on Hurricane Matthew, which was churning a mean gospel in the Caribbean well to our south. 

      Smart phones were retrieved, searches made, info gathered, Haitian friends questioned, sighs heaved. We may get some wind and rain but it won’t be much, some assured us as breezes picked up. Others were pessimistic.

      One thing seemed certain: the center would pass well to our west. Sorry, Jamaica and Cuba. But what...

Oct 02, 2016

By Caron Amend

Our team of 13 members arrived safely today. We met up with the physicians from Raleigh-Durham and Indiana at the Miami airport. Arriving at the Port-au-Prince airport was an experience in itself. A special thank you to Butch, Meredith, Susan, and Missy for being willing to push the big carts with all of the Family Health Ministries bags out of the airport. As Susan described it, the customs official looked at everything and she calmly explained each item's use.