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  Nicaragua Mission Team

   Read their blog

 Mayan Village

Haiti Mission Team

Westminster Haiti  Mission Team will serve with Family Health Ministres in its clinic in the Blanchard neighborhood of Port au Prince. The team is conducting screenings and providing basic preventive care, mostly to women and children in this poorest nation. They will try to blog as often as they can. Read their Blog. They also will try to post to the church's Facebook and Flickr accounts.


Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Team in New Jersery

In May, a team was sent to the New Jersey shore to help with the ongoing cleanup after Hurricane Sandy. The team will be staying at Morningstar Presbyterian Church in Bayville, NJ, a Presbyterian Disaster Assistance worksite and working in the nearby community for a week. Read their Blog. 

Children's Ministry

Inside the classrooms: Children's Ministry Teacher & Shepherds

Ever wondered what goes on in the children's classrooms? Curious to know how it feels to be a teacher or a shepher? Several of our teachers and shepherds will be blogging about their experiences. Read their Blog. Our children need adults who will walk with them, attentive to what they are exploring and encountering. Share in this ministry as a Teacher or Shepherd for the 2014-2015 school year. Contact Lynn Turnage to learn more about this opportunity to serve.

Mayan Village

Mexico Mission Team

Westminster Yucatan Mission Team travelled to Mexil, Mexico, a village so small even Google Maps can't find it.  Read this Blog. See images on the church's Facebook and Flickr accounts.

Western Wall in Jerusalem 

Meredith Barkley in Haiti 2013

Westminster's Meredith Barkley is back in Haiti as the house manager for Durham, NC, Family Health Ministries' guest house in Leogane. He'll be there for all of May. Read this Blog.

 Amani Beads

Kenya Mission Trip

Westminster members travelled to Kenya to visit several of the organizations the church supports and to be a "ministry of presence". Read this Blog.

 2014 Honduras Mission Team  

Honduras Mission Team

Westminster Mission Team will be on a week-ling mission trip. The team of 16 will be serving with our partner group HOI and building latrines, floors, room additions and a water holding basin, as well as teaching Vacation Bible School and nutrition classes.  Read this Blog. See past trip on Flickr and on Facebook.