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College Students

UKirk of Greensboro is open to all high school graduates and college-age students.   They offer fellowship and worship at the Holderness House at the corner of Mendenhall and Walker in Greensboro.    One of the ways Westminster supports UKirk is by contributing to the student fellowship lunches offered on Wednesdays.   If you are interested in feeding some hungry and grateful college students, contact Sam or Lucy.

Secret Saints

Westminster continues relationships with its college students through the Secret Saint program.     Volunteers send cards, letters and care packages to our college students. One adult is paired with a student, and asked to write the student once a month during the school year.  We want our young adults to know they remain a valued part of the Westminster family, even while away at school.  If you are willing to be a Secret Saint to a student, sign up on the church website;  For more information contact Sheri Cram

You may also sign up your college student for our Secret Saints program.  This is a great way for your student to stay connected to their church family while away at school.  Submit information by September 13 here.  

Contact Lucy Jefferies or Sam Perkins for more information regarding other opportunities for our college students.