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  Westminster Youth Fellowship, inc.


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Just as our youth live in a "connected" world, our youth ministry focuses on ways for our youth to be dependent on their connection to Jesus through:

WYFi (Westminster Youth Fellowship incorporated.): This is our overarching brand for our youth ministry, as well as when we meet all together as a large group on Sunday nights to discuss topics that are extremely relevant to youth culture right now. We want to address the things that affect your hearts, your life, your pulse, and then talk about what the Lord, has to say about it. 

Dial-Up: Youth-Led Worship - This is simply a time when we come together before God to lift Him up through prayer, worship, devotion, meditation, and revering. Don’t skip out on this night simply because singing is not your thing; learning to worship in many ways, both alone and together with each other, is massively important. So come dial in your worship as we dial up God and send up some praise.

Broadband - Service Projects - This is when we will band together to go out into our broader community to serve. These might be small projects, or they could be enduring relationships that we sustain for years to come. We just want to learn to be the Church in the world instead of just at the church building.

Social Networking - Fun and Fellowship events



Middle Schoolers will meet most Sundays - Click here if you want to prepare a meal

5 - 6:30 pm - in Room 100

6:30 - 7 pm - Supper with High Schoolers in Room 100


wyfi bullet pointsHigh Schoolers will meet most Sundays - Click here if you want to prepare a meal

6:30 - 7 pm - Supper with the Middle Schoolers in Room 100

7-8:30 pm - Fellowship in Room 100

Information on Church School

Each of these pieces is important for your spiritual growth and maturity, as well as being a huge part of training to be Christ-like. If you’re young in your faith or unsure about what you believe, these are great opportunities for you to learn about and develop a relationship with Jesus. Plus, we have a blast doing it. This is a place where we can be safe ask the questions, make friends, walk together, and experience the presence of the Spirit as a bunch of teens trying to make it the best way possible. Oh, and we play some great games too. Give it a chance...and see what the joy of the Lord looks like in your life.


We’re committed to providing a safe space for youth, which is why the church has adopted and enforces a Safe Sanctuary policy. To learn more, contact Lucy Jefferies.

Have questions about the youth programs? Contact Lucy Jefferies by email or at 299-3785 ext. 138 or Rev. Sam Perkins at 299-3785 ext. 119.

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